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As a nation, we owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to the RAF and their families. Join the RAF Association as a member today, and stand united in support of everyone in the RAF community who needs our support, now and always.

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The RAF Association: about us

Join a unique and inspiring community

You’ll become part of a community of over 70,000 members that’s dedicated to the values of loyalty and service.

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Join a unique and inspiring community

The RAF Association: about us

We make sure everyone who has served in the RAF, and their loved ones, gets help and support when they need it most.

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“I love the fact that I can help start someone else’s RAFA journey.”
M.Wells, Associate Member
“I can’t thank the RAFA enough for all they have given back to me.”
A.Flynn, Cadet
“The camaraderie was instantly there as I spoke to people I had never met.”
G.Malster, Served (retired)
“It’s like a big community where everyone is welcome.”
O.Brown, Junior Member