They were there for us in our darkest days. We must not fail them in theirs.

Whenever this nation has faced threats and danger, the RAF has risen to the challenge with courage and steadfast commitment. Watch the film below to find out more about the dedication of our RAF heroes, and how the RAF Association is there to support all those who need help.

Help someone keep their freedom, dignity and independence

Your membership will help the RAF Association reach out to thousands of servicemen and women, past and present, right across the country. Whether it’s by providing friendship, key advice, financial assistance, or a much-needed break for a family, you’ll help us bring vital support to people across the RAF community whenever they need it.

Our services


Our welfare officers help over 100,000 members of our RAF community every year, offering support that’s tailored to their needs.

RAFA Connections for Life

We match our caring and friendly volunteers with RAF veterans who are lonely, or isolated from friends and family.

Finding it Tough

Our online mental wellbeing course has been designed especially to help non-serving members of the RAF community gain the skills to cope when they find life tough.


We offer fun, affordable and nurturing early years childcare in our nurseries, especially for the youngest members of our RAF community.

Independent Living

We run four beautiful retirement accommodation complexes for older people with an RAF connection, where they can live independently, and enjoy life to the full.

Stand united with us and light up their darkest days.

By joining the RAF Association as a member, you’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with all those in the RAF community who are lonely, vulnerable or facing ill health. Whatever battles they’re facing you’ll help to bring them the practical and emotional support they need and deserve.

Stand united with us and light up their darkest days.