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Why Join Us?2023-11-27T09:30:52+00:00

Share a special and lasting connection with every member of the RAF community.

When you join, you’ll stand united with thousands of other members across the UK and around the world. Your membership will enable us reach out to members of the RAF community who urgently need help and support.

Ensure we can offer practical and emotional help

Every year we help more than 85,000 people to overcome difficulties ranging from physical and mental wellbeing issues to financial struggles.

Help us reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness

Over the last two years we have made over 30,000 friendship calls to help isolated and vulnerable individuals within the RAF community.

Protect family bonds for those who are serving

We provided more than 700 families with high quality childcare at our on-station RAFAKidz nurseries.

Enjoy companionship with like-minded people at your local or virtual branch

We have over 67,000 members and over 245 branches around the world. So when you join as a member, you’ll be in the best of company. Our branches are the perfect places to make new friends and meet like-minded people.

What you receive as a member

As a member, you’ll get the chance to attend events, talks and make friends at your local branch (in person when restrictions allow). We’ll send you a membership card, and keep you up to date with the RAF community through our exclusive quarterly members’ magazine, Air Mail.

Air Mail is the RAF Association’s quarterly magazine for members.

Packed with news, images and features, it keeps you in touch with the RAF and the RAF community, and up-to-date with all the vital welfare work of the Association.

“I’ve been an Associate member for over eight years. I’ve received accredited training, met many interesting people all with a common bond and I’ve had some truly ‘money can’t buy’ experiences. I love the fact that I can help start someone else’s RAFA journey.”
M.Wells, Associate Member
“I consider myself extremely fortunate to have so many wonderful friends and a great social life enabled by my membership of our Association. I’ve been member now for over 10 years I found it amazing how the camaraderie, language and ethos were instantly there as I spoke to people I had never met.”
G.Malster, Ordinary Member
“Being a member of the RAF Association has given me the satisfaction that I can volunteer and help ex-RAF members etc. at their time of need. We need to do all we can to look after our own and support previous generations that now need help.”
B Flora, Ordinary Member
Ordinary Member

Ordinary Member

If you are currently serving, or you
have served in the past, you can join as
an Ordinary Member for £26.50 a year.

Associate Member

Associate Member

If you haven’t served, but you feel a
close bond to the RAF, you can join as
an Associate Member for £18.50 a year.

Why not pay by Direct Debit

Direct Debit is not only the most cost-effective and convenient way to pay for your membership, but also it provides regular, reliable payments so we can plan our work more effectively.

If you would prefer to pay offline, please download an application form (PDF, 299 KB) and return to FREEPOST Royal Air Forces Association or call 0800 018 2361.

Your questions answered

Becoming a Member

Can I join from abroad?2021-02-11T17:14:52+00:00

Yes, we are an international Association and have branches in 22 countries.

When I join, what will I receive and by when2023-01-18T10:39:25+00:00

Once you’ve joined the Association, your welcome pack will arrive within 28 days. It contains your membership card and pin badge.
Air Mail is published on a quarterly basis. Your first copy will be received in line with the next relevant publication date – January, April July and October.

You can also access back copies of Air Mail by logging into the members portal and accessing the ‘Publications’ folder.

How do I join offline?2023-12-15T08:44:35+00:00

If you do not wish to join online, you can join by:

  • Speaking to a member of our team on 0800 018 2361
  • Visiting your local branch
  • Download the form and returning to FREEPOST Royal Air Forces Association
I have never served in the RAF, can I still be a member?2021-03-05T17:47:23+00:00

Yes you’re very welcome to join as an Associate member. Our Association is open to anyone who shares the values of the Association to support the RAF Community.

Updating my Membership

I’d like to stop receiving emails, post, calls from you.2021-02-12T11:06:18+00:00

We’d love to stay in touch, but we don’t want to out-stay our welcome. Choose how you would like us to get in touch with you via the member portal. For example, you can tick ‘email’ and we’ll keep you updated on events, places and news relevant to you – straight into your inbox

Alternatively contact our membership team on 0800 018 2361 or email [email protected]

How do I change my branch?2021-02-12T11:03:37+00:00

If you would like to transfer from one branch to another, you can do this easily online, via the member portal.

Alternatively, call our membership team on Freephone number 0800 018 2361 or emailing [email protected]

How do I change my contact details2021-02-12T10:50:38+00:00

Once you have signed up, you will be able to access our online member portal where you will be able to update your personal details and contact information, as well as pay for your membership

Alternatively, call our membership team on 0800 018 2361 or emailing [email protected]

What is my membership number?2021-02-12T10:49:34+00:00

You can find your membership number printed on your membership card or by visiting the member’s portal. If you need any help please email [email protected] or call 0800 018 2361.


How do I find my local branch2021-02-12T11:13:19+00:00

You can find your local branch by using our branch locator tool.

Can I be affiliated to more than one branch and/or branch club?2021-03-08T11:20:37+00:00

Yes, you can. If you would like to add additional branches, you can do this easily online, via the member portal.

Alternatively, call our membership team by calling 0800 018 2361 (free) or emailing [email protected]

I’d like to get involved with my local branch.2021-02-12T11:26:54+00:00

Branches and clubs provide the opportunity for you to get involved locally. Check where your local branch or club is here.

I am not happy with my branch and I would like to make a complaint.2021-01-28T09:40:36+00:00

In the first instance, please call our membership team on Freephone number 0800 018 2361 or email [email protected]

Membership Fees

What payment methods do you accept?2021-03-05T17:47:48+00:00

We accept the following methods of payment: Credit/debit card, Direct Debit, cheque, Apple Pay and Google Pay, or cash at your local branch.

How do I set up or amend a Direct Debit?2023-11-27T09:32:39+00:00

Direct debit is the easiest way to pay for your membership. Paying by Direct Debit gives you peace of mind and security, as you’re protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee. It’s simple to set up or amend and helps us put more of your membership money into supporting the RAF Community.

New members can join

For any amendments to your direct debit (e.g. change of account holder’s name or change of bank details) please contact your bank directly.  It is helpful if you call our membership team on 0800 018 2361

I want to speak to someone about my payment, who do I contact?2021-01-27T16:57:33+00:00

Our membership team will help with your query either by calling 0800 018 2361 or emailing [email protected]

How much is Membership?2023-01-09T09:37:17+00:00

Annual subscriptions are:

  • Associate member £18.50
  • Ordinary member £26.50

Association membership subscriptions are reviewed every two years and Council has now set fees effective from January 2023 onwards.

Your Membership

Can I join RAFA Youth?2023-11-15T15:56:34+00:00

As a charity, demand for our services has been extremely high as more and more members of the RAF community need our help. Therefore we have taken the difficult decision to pause activity on RAFA Youth whilst we focus our efforts on supporting most vulnerable members of our RAF community that need our help.

We thank you for your understanding

I have not received my membership card2023-01-18T10:39:33+00:00

You should receive you card within 28 days.  Please call our membership team on 0800 018 2361 or email [email protected] if it doesn’t arrive in this time.

Why do I no longer get a plastic membership card?2021-03-08T11:19:31+00:00

From January 2021 onward, our membership cards will be made out of paper. It works in the same way as your old one, and not only that, it will be easier to recycle and easier on the environment too. It costs less, meaning the money can be spent on supporting the RAFA Community.

I have lost my membership card2021-02-12T11:09:23+00:00

If you’ve lost your card, there’s no need to panic. You can request a replacement card via the member portal. Alternatively, please call our membership team on Freephone number 0800 018 2361 or email [email protected]

I am not receiving Air Mail magazine2021-02-12T11:11:43+00:00

Air Mail is published quarterly – Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct.

If you don’t receive your copy please contact the membership team on 0800 018 2361 or emailing [email protected]

How do I log in or register for the member portal?2021-03-08T11:13:07+00:00

The online members’ portal allows you to

  • View and update personal details
  • Request a replacement membership card
  • Manage your contact preferences
  • View previous copies of Air Mail
  • Renew your membership

If require your log-in to access the members’ portal please contact our membership team or call 0800 018 2361.

I am not happy with my membership and I want to make a complaint2021-03-08T11:21:17+00:00

In the first instance, please call our membership team on 0800 018 2361 or email [email protected]

Something else we can help with?

Please call our team on 0800 018 2361 or email [email protected]

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